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Azerbaijan Azaan Flower Blooms when Azan Starts

Azerbaijan Azaan Flower Blooms when Azan Starts
سبحان اللہ ! اللہ کی قدرت دیکھئے، آزربائیجان میں پایا جانے والا یہ پھول اذان کی آواز بلند ہوتے ہی کھل جاتا ہے
Azan is an Islamic Call of Prayer towards the Lord. The first phrase of it is “Allah hu Akbar” which means God is Great. Muslims respond by reciting certain Duaa when the Azan is heard. This flower is an amazing miracle of Allah SWT, when the call of prayer, Azan, is heard, it blooms and when Azan stops it closes. Many scientific research were conducted. Experiments were conducted with variation of similar sound with similar rhythm, with similar time factor, with different voices, using loud speaker and finally incomplete Azan.

When Azan is pronounced without the first phrase (Allah-hu Akbar, God is great), it doesn’t bloom. The flower recognizes Azan when it starts in proper manner. Finally these scientists came up with one explanation that is “only God knows the mystery”.

This video is not presented as a proof of Islam is Truth. Rather, I believe Islam was truth, it is truth even though if this flower miracle would have never occur. In Islam, Allah (GOD) has announced the biggest miracle is the glorious Qur’an. Islam is the religion of Adam, Nuh,Abraham, Issac, Ismael, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (SM) (peace be upon them all). This video is uploaded just to get your attention to give some consideration and investigation on Islam. Of course, Guidance comes only from Allah.

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