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Stay away children from cow on Eid-ul-Azha

Australian cow kick back to child baby boy 
عید قربان قریب ہے خدارا بچوں کو جانوروں سے دور رکھیں دیکھیں لا پرواہی کی وجہ سے بچے کی جان چلی گئی ویڈیو دیکھیں اور شیئر کریں

Australian cow kicks little child when he comes near to cow and starts to touch it. People in Pakistan bought cow for annual sacrifice on Eid ul Adha when little child was badly smashed by Australian Cow. Actually people were getting her down from truck when it was happened with little child. Everybody was busy in his work when he came secretly near to cow and it kicked little child harshly.


Actually Muslims in the whole world give annual sacrifices of different animals in which cows, goats, camel, sheep and buffalos are included. In this event, there are many crucial events happened due to carelessness of elders. Parents do not care of their children due to which they face severe problems regarding their children.

Sometimes, elders themselves face problem while slaughtering their animals when they did not get professional butchers. Talking about butchers, Australian butchers are considered world’s best butcher who take no time to make meat into little pieces. There are also many videos are available on different internet portals on which you can have method to make meat into little pieces in fastest way.

Talking about sad events in Eid ul Adha, it also happens with elders when they are struggling to slaughter their animals. There are also many other video clips regarding slaughtering to animals. Once one was busy to slaughter his camel and camel put his head in his mouth and hurt him badly with the wall.

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