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Australian Brave girl wrestles with giant crocodile

Australian Brave girl wrestles with giant crocodile

یہ خودکشی نہیں تھی تو اور کیا تھا؟؟ کمزور دل ویڈیونہ نہ دیکھیں

A brave girl in Australia fought with a giant crocodile in the animal park bravely. When it talks about the reptiles, crocodile is taken as the largest one in its family. According to recent research reptiles are often found in tropical areas especially in Africa, Australia, America and in Asia. Talking about the relation according to zoology, crocodiles are included in the order of Crocodilia. In this order, there are also many animals included like caimans, alligators and gharials. When it talks about the species of the order Crocodilia, it counts as 13.

Australian Brave girl wrestles with giant crocodile

So in the all 13 species of order Cocodilia, there are numbers of crocodiles with different sizes. According to zoology language, the smallest crocodile is called as dwarf one and it has ability to grow about 5.6 feet which is about 1.7 meter long with the weight of 13 to 15 pounds. Talking about the largest one, it is called as saltwater crocodile with the length of 20.24 feet and with the weight of 2,000 pounds.

Crocodiles are fall in the category of carnivores and it means as they are designed for eating meat naturally. If they are found in wildlife, they feed on birds, frogs, fish and crustaceans. However, when they are living in zoo, they feed on small animals which are already prepared for their feasts. They sometimes have to eat fish, rats, and mice including locusts.

Crocodiles are clamped down to their prey by using their big jaws. It uses their long and big jaws to crash the prey and then swallow it easily. They do not have features to chew and break the prey into small pieces to the food as some other animals have ability. They also swallow small stones including their prey which help to digest the food when it grinds up in the stomach. They also have very slow metabolisms due to which they can survive for month without getting their prey.

According to rehabilitation of crocodile, some experts share their knowledge as in Mesozoic Era it was included in one of top food chain animals. They have capacity to live in lakes, wetlands, rivers and in some saltwater areas. Their one of largest type is found in Dominican Republic in saltwater lakes.

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