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Arab Sheikh mistreated by Pathan boys at UAE

Arab Sheikh mistreated by Pathan boys at UAE
عربی شیخ کو کیا پتا تھا کہ پٹھانوں کیساتھ مذاق کرنے کی ایسی سزا ملے گی، ویڈیو دیکھیں

One of Arab Sheikhs is mistreated by Pakistani people in UAE when he tries to disrespect to one Pakistani people. According to reports, that sheikh went to park in UAE and he saw to his labour man while sitting in the same park. He was enjoying with his other friends on holiday. Sheikh called him and asked for some work.

Arab Sheikh mistreated by Pathan boys at UAE

That Pakistani young man asked him to sorry as he was playing with his friends and it was also holiday. According to rule, Sheikh had no rule to order him for his work but he started to put on him for his work. He again denied and answered rudely to his master. Arab Sheikh asked him for sentence when he would come on job in next morning.

It made him angry and he decided to teach him a lesson. He called to his all friends and asked them to seize him firmly. Then they sized him and started to toss him in the air like cricket coin. He was badly treated by his all friends. They all were hurling him in the air with full force as people were getting enjoyment while seeing him.

Arab Sheikh started to beg for his life from all of his friends. After sometimes, he asked to his friends to let him go. When he was down he again tried to threat to Pakistani young man, he again asked to his friend to grip him. After listening, he ran like an Arabic horse from the place.

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