Tuesday , 12 December 2017
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Arab princess caught on beach Drank

Arab princess caught on beach Drank
اسلام کے ٹھیکیداروں کی عرب شہزادی امریکہ کے ساحل پر نشے میں بہودہ حالت میں؛ ویڈیو لیک، بچے نہ دیکھیں
Drugs dates and party culture is not the only immoral activities that young people do rather there are many other immoral activities like stealing, robbing and theft which is observed by the youth in public , youth give logics that we only live once so we do this because the day we die everything will end.

People believing in the afterlife survive mental problems and when they suffer they make themselves peaceful by saying that afterlife will comfort us and make themselves relax by knowing that whatever we are lacking in this life we will be entertained with more in the next life.

Institutes working for young people who are drug addicts find that this dates and party culture among young people is due to the societal forces on them, too much societal forces and restrictions on youth make youth show rebellious attitude against the societal law and is found involved in activities like drugs dates and parties.

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