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Arab Hijab women Dance on Highway Video Leaked

Arab Hijab women Dance on Highway Video Leaked
دبئی میں برقع والی عربی لڑکیوں کا سڑک پر ڈانس سوشل میڈیا پر دھوم مچا دی، ویڈیو دیکھیں

Arabic women were caught in camera when they were doing somewhat odd on main road. They were all making some salsa style on the road which was really amazing for all who saw them on internet portals. It was really shocking for everyone around the world as how females of Arabs started to make such movements which were impossible some years before.

Arab Hijab women Dance on Highway Video Leaked

They were about 2-3 Arabic women who started to make jazz and tango styles on the road and their children were also with them. Females were in Hijab but they were all getting enjoyment over Arabic song. It looked as they were captive in jail and now they had finished their sentence. They were very happy while making some tap movements.

People were obviously amazed when they heard as some Arabic women of Arabs were doing strange on the main road. The video got viral on all internet portals when people heard about Arabic females. They were looked mad and searching all those viral videos like very important things. On the other hand, there were no statements released from Arabic government regarding those females.

Now people are waiting for statements from Arabic government as what they would announce about the breach of their rule. According to rules of Saudi Arabia, Arabic women cannot do something like this at public places. On the other hand, some people named it as intrigues against Saudi Government and atmosphere is created just to do infamous Saudi government and females.

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