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Arab children play with leopard desert animals

Arab children play with leopard desert animals

پالتو سہی مگر درندہ تو پھر درندہ ہے…چیتے نے دیکھیں بچے کیساتھ کیا کیا
ہولناک ویڈیو کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

Never let your children to play with animals especially those ones which are brought from forests. Rich people often bring forest furious animals and make them their pet. It has become fashion in rich countries like European countries and Arabs. They just got those animals just to show their superiority in their fellows.

Arab children play with leopard desert animals

On the other hand, they also had enough money as they did not know where they should spend their money. There are also some European countries where people like to have furious animals as pet but now they have started to discourage this fashion. They also have faced some problems by having furious animals as pets. There are many examples coded from European countries where they often have admitted in hospitals due to pet attacks.

Baby gets attack from leopard in desert when he was playing with his uncle and also teasing to leopard. It looked as he was the son of rich father who had given him leopard to play. He was teasing him continuously. He came near to leopard and touched him and again ran toward his uncle. Once leopard also ran after the child but he succeeded to reach near to his uncle.

Actually, it has become fashion to have furious animals as a pet in Arab countries. According to survey, about 40 percent people have their pets in the form of furious animals in Arabs countries. They have these animals just to show superiority to their relatives and friends and just for pump and show.

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