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Animal Slaughter treatment People Anger Shows Inhuman

Animal Slaughter treatment People Anger Shows Inhuman

استغفراللہ! مرد جانورکا دودھ نکالنا اور ذبح ہونے والے جاور کے ساتھ ایسا ظلم دیکھ کر دل کانپ جائے؛ کمزور دل ویڈیو نہ دیکھیں

Yet once again many people have become victim in a Spanish bull fighting incident. A giant animal entered in spectators getting out of control from the arena. It was very difficult for the people to control the angry bull once it was out of control. Many men and women had reported suffered badly. Three have been reported to have sent to a local hospital as well.

Animal Slaughter treatment People Anger Shows Inhuman

People admitted in the hospital due to Spanish bullfighting incident were reported out of any serious medical complications. They were also having plus point of having medical and health insurance advantage as well. They were provided all medical treatment at the hospital free of cost due to the medical and health insurance.

One bull escaped from Spanish Bull Festival in rampage when he was in the bullfighting arena. Bull was alone roaming in the streets of capital of Spain where big festival adorned every year. Numbers of spectators were behind the bull and they started to tease the bull. People also had one long string of that bull through which they were teasing the bull continuously.

Bull was running here and there between the spectators as it had become impossible to get rid from the spectators. In rampage, it also had made some bruises to three persons who came in his way. In this video, it can be clearly seen as bull was only trying to save himself and wanted to go out of ring of the people.

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