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Amjed Sabri Family fans Reciting Dua Darood on Grave

Amjed Sabri Family Reciting Dua Darood on Grave

میں قبر اندھیری میں گھبراؤں گا جب تنہا !! میت کو دفناتے وقت ہر آنکھ اشکبار – امجد صابری کی فیملی نے قبر پر ورد کرنا شروع کر دیا، رقت آمیز مناظر

Recent days, people see miracle in the Mosque Nabvi at the night when there are all busy to in offering prayers and “Dua” with the reference of Prophet Muhammad. Undeniably, people are always looked there in abundance especially in the days of Ramadan and on Friday night. It may also be the night of some special day when this incident happened in front of many people.

Amjed Sabri Family fans Reciting Dua Darood on Grave

If we look into the history of Islam we can get numbers of incidents which are often related to miracles. First of all, the event of Miraj in which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was gone to sky from the earth was itself is big miracle. People who accepted this event they called it as miracle and they also named it as everything does not come in mind called miracle.

On the contrary, some people related to Sufism they also define to miracle in the same style as we did earlier. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told the all travel to its people of city especially to non-believers about his travel of earth to sky they denied it. Off course it was the travel which was described as firstly he went from Makkah to Palestine then from Palestine to last sky.

According to Prophet saying and numbers of other witnesses, when Prophet left his bed it was hot and it was in the same warmth condition as it was left when Prophet came back to his room after visiting the whole universe.  The prophet Muhammad met to all Prophets and to Allah in his visit.

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