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Amjad Sabri with his Family Last Iftaar Watch Video

Amjad Sabri with his Family Last Iftaar Watch Video

امجد صابری کی اپنے خاندان کیساتھ آخری افطاری ۔۔۔ امجد صابری کو کیا پتا تھا پھر موت انکا مقدر ہوگی

Yet another voice was silenced on June 22, that will echo in our ears and hearts to a sound delay and always. Amjad Sabri, the famous Pakistani Qawwal, 45 years old, was killed in Karachi.
Amjad Sabri with his Family Last Iftaar Watch Video

In recent days, the specter of racism is not aggressive in front of the most famous writers, musicians or painters removed some scholars, the Indian subcontinent. Various forms of attack have come to the forefront. Dr Kalburgi, a scholar and died without a thinker, 30 August 2015, India’s bodies perspective on their door step, which Snowballed in a protest by the intellectual class returning the award by that act at the behest of the State Done.

In February 2015, Avijit Roy, a Bangladeshi blogger and activist Mark was brutally killed by the Indian team. Earlier, in August 2013, in Ahmedabad Amdavad Ni Gufa was vandalized art gallery and 11 were destroyed by members of the Pakistani and Indian artists paintings Bajrang seven. As Sabri, harmony if it has begun to raise their heads in the sub-continent, is the latest victim of these forces.

Sabri Mian Tansen, the Mughal emperor, Akbar’s court played from the generation who belonged to families of Sabri Brothers. His father, Ghulam Sabir and popular uncle Sabri, held their first public performance in 1946, and later went on to record and release their qawwalis reach a wider audience, resulting in an increase in their popularity.

Womad Festival in the UK in 1975 and in 1989 their peak performance Carneige Hall in New York in which he took his name never to be landed. cutlure did not hold before it found a place in the world of qawwali through his voice.

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