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Amjad Sabri target Killer Mothers appears Live

Amjad Sabri target Killer Mothers appears Live

بریکنگ نیوز: امجد صابری کا قتل میرے نشی بیٹے نے کیا ہے ، ماں نے جیو کو سب بتا دیا، ویڈیو دیکھیں

Our legislative agencies find progress in the case of Amjad Sabri in the form of appearance of one of culprit’s mothers. She came on air on the program of Shahzeb Khanzada at Geo TV. According to her, she was told by numbers of people about the depiction of the culprit. People all over Pakistan were surprised by the shocking statement and claim of the old woman. Some people have also said that the old woman has made the claim to become famous on television.

Amjad Sabri target Killer Mothers appears Live

However, it was an serious allegation and no one can expect such kind of thing from any wise person. She further adds as people were started to ask me about her son. People further told as the depiction has resemblance with her son. She was amazed after hearing all this and she decided to investigate it by her won. She said she found as they all were right as depiction was as resembling with her son.

She further told to anchorperson as her son does not come at home for last three years. On further questioning, she told as he went with Tahir Lashari from the home and never came back. According to her, Tahir Lashari belongs to Layyari area and he is also very dangerous by his profession.

She also asked as she knew about her son’s bad addictions and she could not save him from bad company. She told as she herself provided rupees to fulfill his undue demands which would not have been fulfilled at any cost. The old lady knew that her son was involved in many bad things but she was never been able to stop him.

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