Thursday , 8 December 2016
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Amjad Sabri Sons Tribute Watch Video

Amjad Sabri Sons Tribute Watch Video

امجد صابری کے بیٹوں کا اپنے والد کو خراج تحسین،سب کی آنکھیں نم ہوگئیں ویڈیو دیکھیں

Friday the whining paid tribute to her late father to the young sons of Amjad Sabri. Amjad Sabri is now, but they will never forget. Expressing grief over Amjad’s untimely death, Abida Parveen said, “Amjad Sabri was a living legend and will never be another Amjad there.
Amjad Sabri Sons Tribute Watch Video

However, I pray that one of the sons of God God’s message is not lost and that Amjad Sabri production. “and it appears that the answer to his prayer. Great Inheritance Sabri Brothers, after all, continue to be the son Amjad has shown a video of a heartfelt tribute to his father. At a recent gathering, son Amjad Maangta Hoon Please read and not only is mesmerizing and powerful voice but took the breath away with flawless delivery of the excellent work of his father. Young Sabri broke and tears must move along with his soulful rendition.

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