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Amir Liaquat vs Maulana Argument On Spreading Vulgarity In Ramzan

Amir Liaquat vs Maulana Argument On Spreading Vulgarity In Ramzan

ہاں میں رمضان کو بیچتا ہوں جو کر سکتے ہو کر لو !! عامر لیاقت اور مولانا کی رمضان المبارک میں فحاشی پھیلانے پر لڑائی ہوگئی

Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain was born in Karachi – the city of lights, on July 5th, 1972, he did his early schooling in his native city. Despite being the son of Sheikh Liaquat Husain, a renowned political and social figure and Ghousia Mehmooda Sultana, an activist of freedom movement and first female columnist of the country, Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain has earned his present status on his own merit. He studied at Liaquat Medical College for MBBS. Besides curricular activities he has participated greatly in extracurricular activities. As an intellectual, writer and orator, he is widely acknowledged. During his student days he became an icon of debating fraternity, winning the “Best debater of Asia award” bestowed by the International Youth Congress, United Nation. In addition, he was declared “Best debater of Pakistan” (eight times), “Best debater of Sindh” (thrice) and “Best debater of Karachi” (seventeen times).

Amir Liaquat vs Maulana Argument On Spreading Vulgarity In Ramzan

After having gained a reputation of a speaker, he wanted to exhibit his writing skills. For this purpose he chose journalism to accomplish his aspirations. He was groomed to be a journalist; journalism runs in his blood because he has a wealthy journalistic family background. He decided to quit medical education and joined the field of journalism that proved to be a decision well made. In the beginning of his career, he learnt a lot from his beloved mother. Surprisingly mother and son, have so much in common; a delightful sense of humor, a fierce family loyalty, a concern for the country, endless vitality and a constant air of confidence no matter how great the offs or the pressures.

Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain is truly a legend of this era. A man of many qualities, prominent scholar who possesses a pleasing disposition, veteran journalist whose name become synonymous with truthfulness and bravery in the field of journalism, prolific columnist whose articles inspire his readers, a famous Naat khuwan whom Allah Almighty gifted a melodious voice, but above all this – he is a learned person and a true lover of Prophet Mohemmed (SAWW). Even his adversaries acknowledge this fact. He is a brilliant orator and author of high caliber. He possesses a style in speech and in his writing that is his very own and unique. He is a living example of ‘Iqbal s Deeda wer’ (a perceptive or knowledgeable person). His contribution both to electronic and print media is immense. In the late 90‘s, he started column writing and soon he became a leading Urdu columnist. He is one of the few columnists whose writings inspire their readers. For Urdu lovers of the country, he became a source of great ideological power, a symbol of revolt and dissent and love for humanity. Identifying himself with the masses of the poor and exploited, Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain made him known as an opponent of oppression and wrote compassionately of the human aspiration for their basic rights. Advocating “A Moderate Humanistic Ideology” he passionately championed social causes. He suffered many setbacks during his career, but he never compromised with circumstances and proved successfully that how a man can work under immense pressure.

In the mirror of his columns, he looks like a spokesperson for voiceless and the suffering people of Pakistan. On one hand, he writes about political issues of the country, while on the other hand, he raises his voice against those who violate humanistic values. On one side, he unveils extremist faces of those elements who wrongly interpret Islam before the world community, while on the other side, he exposes double standards of this Hippocratic society.

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