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American Singer Reciting Quranic Verses Watch Video

American Singer Reciting Quranic Verses Watch Video

New York: An American singer fascinates every Muslim of New York City when she began to recite Holy Quran instead of singing. The singer not only recited the Quran in beautiful voice, she embraced Islam as well. It was one of the biggest days for Muslims in the United States of America when they heard of it.

American Singer Reciting Quranic Verses Watch Video

The American singer has been living in New York City practice singing for upcoming public show. Then suddenly changed her life dramatically, as the Koran verses fascinated more than anything in the world. She heard the recitation of the Holy Quran anywhere what her heart attacked, and they decided to learn how to talk.

The voice of the person reciting the Koran was fascinated by the American singer a lot, and she immediately approached to Islamic Scholar from New York City. The scholar led them right, and they learned how to recite the Koran verses in an appropriate manner. The singer looked so happy when she learned it right.

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Once the American singer was in charge of recitation of the Holy Quran, embraced Islam as well, because she wanted them to pray with their true spirit. One day before the live camera she recited the Koran in her beautiful voice and fascinates the Muslims of the city of New York, as they have never heard such a beautiful recitation in her entire life.

The turn to Islam and recitation of verses from the Koran was brilliant news for the Muslims of the United States of America, including New York City, and they welcomed American singer in Islam. She looked happy and satisfied with their new lives.

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