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American Girl lives with lions from her childhood

American Girl lives with lions from her childhood
 اس امریکن لڑکی شیر کو کتا سمجھ بیٹھی اوردیکھیں پھر شیر نے لڑکی کا کیا حشر کیا۔۔

According to reports, she was used to live with lions from her childhood. Her father has worked in zoo for many years and she also has been lived with her father most of the time. She was very fond of wild animals especially for lions due to which she has special affinity with lions.

American Girl lives with lions from her childhood

She has ability to train wild animals and above all to lions. Till now, she could not get hurt from lions as she is giving training to lions for last three years. On the other hand, wild animals never tamed so perfectly according to some world famous trainers. They further advised to all those people who love to have wild animals at home, never have trust on wild animals at any cost.

However, in this case, she does not only play with lions but also invites to her friends to play with lions which is obviously amazing. When it was asked to her about her ability, she simple said as she was fond of it and she got it from the behavior of lions. She also had studied to learn about the behaviors of wild animals.

However, she gives more credit to her experience which she has got from wild animals when she used to live with wild animals during her father’s service. She did not put aside to her study which she got from one of famous institute of animal behavior. According to her, she also learnt too much from that institute.

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