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Amazing Father Carrying Daughter Across Sea

Amazing Father Carrying Daughter Across Sea
ظالم باپ معصوم بیٹی کو شاپر میں باندھ کے دریا میں ڈبو رہا، وجہ جان کر آپ کا خون بھی کھول جائے، ویڈیو دیکھیں اور شئیر کریں

British citizens get surprised seeing strange incident in Malaysia. They were shocked to see how one father was carrying his daughter across the sea. It was really amazing as he puts his daughter in polythene plastic bag and crosses her by swimming in the river.


British citizens were annoyed over the idea of father as it was really strange near to European people. They were really astonished and tried to get contact with that person who uploaded this video on internet portal. European people were further surprised when it was told to them as he did this on daily basis.

They named it just like to put someone’s life in danger and nothing else. According British citizens, they should not continue his practice as it may take life of his daughter anytime as polythene plastic bag has ability to suck oxygen. If once, it happened she would never come back in live form from plastic bag.

British people also wrote letter to all those human organizations who are working in those areas so that those organizations make bridge on that river. They also showed that footage to whole Europe and told as how people are facing difficulties to educate their children around the world.

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