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ALLAH Ka Azaab Tornado storm caught on tape Fire in Air

ALLAH Ka Azaab Tornado storm caught on tape Fire in Air
موسمیاتی تندیلی یا الله کا عذاب؟ امریکی ریاست ٹیکساس میں آسمان سے آگ اور ہوا کا قیامت خیز طوفان دیکھیں اتنا شدید کہ ایئرپورٹ پر کھڑے جہازوں کو ہوا کا بگولہ ساتھ لےگیا

It is stated as about 29 faced death when they faced tornadoes’ string that hit different states in Southern and Midwestern U.S. for last few days. According to National Weather Services, it was predicted as it would happen with more severe reaction as has been reacted. They further discussed about how tornado forms and how it reacts not fully understood.

ALLAH Ka Azaab Tornado storm caught on tape Fire in Air

According to scientists, they are still in this effort how they can probe the mysteries of it and how they can give right warning to the victims of tornadoes. It means scientists are still facing the problem of right prediction about this catastrophe. Talking about the definition of tornado, it describes always as violently rotating air that has ability to extend from earth to clouds severely.

It is usually found in the form of cumulonimbus cloud as per scientist observation. It also has the ability to stay for less than 10 minutes when it comes in its real form according to one of researcher and scientist named Harold Brooks. He further provides information about the tornadoes as large ones usually stay long as around 30 minutes.

Talking about the speed of tornadoes, the strongest and powerful twisters or tornadoes have the ability to wind speeds of about 300 miles per hour. When tornadoes or twisters got that speed of wind, it can easily rip the big and sky building off from its foundations very easily. He further adds the information of it. Government officials all over the world have sent their messages to the US president as well.

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