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Ali Gul Pir special song for Modi Teri

Ali Gul Pir special song for Modi Teri M** ki

Amidst tensions at the Line of Control and celebrities jumping in to play their part in the cross-border tensions, Ali Gul Pir is gearing up to make his grand return to the music sphere, this time with a song titled Modi Teri M**.


The upcoming song is set to release on Sunday and will see Pir commenting on the friction between India and Pakistan. Interestingly, this time around, the Waderai Ka Beta hit-maker has collaborated with Lahore-based electronic music band SomeWhatSuper.

Ali Gul Pir collaborates with SomeWhatSuper for ‘Modi Teri’, a song that addresses the political rhetoric made apparent by the Indian Prime Minister in a cheeky, outrageous manner.

The rift between Indo-Pak artist community is thickening with every passing day as artists like Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar share the sentiment of supporting the ban on Pakistani artists. The rising intolerance in India can be attributed to the sitting Prime Minister whose ‘tough’ stance on Pakistan is not only making us weary but is downright disturbing.

But while many tip-toe around the perception and actions of such a divisive political figure, one artist who is unafraid to call him out is Ali Gul Pir. Collaborating with the music group, SomeWhatSuper, Pir has penned the verses to ‘Modi Teri’, a song that addresses the many moves made by one Narendra Modi in recent weeks to the dismay of millions, both in and outside India. ‘Modi Teri’ is as outrageous as the statements made by Modi whose pro-business elite viewpoint often overshadows the needs of the poor.

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