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Alert News Javeria Abbasi Got Arrested in Dubai

Alert News Javeria Abbasi Got Arrested in Dubai
پاکستان کی مشہور اداکارہ شرمناک حرکت کرنے کی وجہ سے دبئی ائیر پورٹ پر گرفتار وجہ جان کر آپ حیران رہ جائیں گے

Javeria Abbasi Biography

Javeria Abbasi is considered one of the finest actresses in Pakistani Drama industry. She was born on 29th December 1972 in the city of lights named Karachi. Javeria Abbassi is considered to belong the showbiz family.She was born in the home of Zaheer Abbasi who was a versatile and famous drama and fiction writer. He had also written novels named Manzil, Khuwahish Benaam and Naseeb are considered best dramas that were telecasted on TV. Her mother was related to the field of herbal medicines. She was entered in the show biz and learned a lot from her previous husband named Shamoon Abbasi.


Javeria Abbasi Wedding

Shamoon Abbasi was the first husband and cousin of Javeria Abbasi who is very famous and well-known personality of Pakistani showbiz industry. He is not only and actor but he is also a finest movie director. She lived happily with her husband. But after sharing the happiest moments of their life, they got separated and got divorced. The very reason behind this was the interest of Shamoon in another girl.

They gave birth only to one daughter named Anzeela who is also currently working as an actress in the drama industry. Javeria Abbasi has also another sister named Anoushay Abbasi who is also a famous actress and worked in many drama serials. On 31st December 2015 Javeria Abbasi Tweeted the Happy New Year from her and husband. She got married to a 5-year close friend in Karachi. She is living a happy life.

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