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Airport Runway Tragic incident happens

Airport Runway Tragic incident happens

مسافر اترتے وقت پائلٹ نے غلطی سے انجن چلادیا دیکھیں کیسے جہاز کے انجن نے آدمی کو اندر کھینچ کر قیمہ کرڈالا۔۔۔ الله ایسی دردناک موت سے بچائے

One tragic incident happens in Indian Airport right at time when one worker was coming after getting free from the cockpit of aircraft. According to source, he was the engineer and appointed for the services of those aircraft which used to take off. He was very senior one and counted among the experienced engineers in the whole department.

Airport Runway Tragic incident happens

According to reporters as he was very senior and has lot of experience of aircraft so it was impossible to make such fault by him. Actually when he got free from the cockpit he started to go back in his room at airport. Unconsciously, he adopted the wrong way to go back in the room as there were many other ways but destiny dragged him there forcefully, It was feelings at the incident.

Being an engineer, he would not only have passed from that point but also given instructions to others to avoid such incidents. However, sorrowfully, he could not maintain it in his mind and started to cross the region which was fully alarmed for everyone. It was just the one step ahead in front of the aircraft engine and in the next moment he was no more.

When this news reached to the higher management, they would not believe on it as how this kind of senior engineer can do this. Actually it is the encoded in the instructions as on one is allowed to cross before the aircraft engine when it is on. He was also included in those ones who told to worker to avoid such conditions when aircraft take off.

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