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Airplane landing survives after hitting to bird

Airplane landing survives after hitting to bird
 ہوئی جہاز کی پرندہ سے ٹکر ہوگئی دیکھیں کیا تباہی مچا دی پرندہ نے ویڈیو دیکھیں

Aircraft hit to bird in the air when it had to land in emergency. Actually the plane was taking off from the run way when it hit with the bird. Actually there are some snipers also appointed at airport so that they can shot to those birds who try to come near to plane. But, unfortunately, they were not present there.

Airplane landing survives after hitting to bird

Pilot of the aircraft was very active and experienced who controlled to such a big aircraft and saved from big havoc. The bird was struck in the engine of the plane due to which fire was arisen. The plane was in the taking off mode due to which pilot could not do at this point. He firstly let the plane to get its balance first.

After getting balance, pilot at once changed the direction of the plane into seawater. Fortunately, pilot had sea near to airport when plane got stale and get the position of balance, pilot thought it better to send it into seawater. Pilot also talked with his assistant about this decision who also appreciated him in this decision.

In the next moment, he did not wait and turned to plane into seawater. People were started to cry and shouted. Actually it was a big shock for all of them as they were all turned to pale. Some of them were started to recite verses and other started to remember their beloved ones. However, they did not know as they were not going to die.

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