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Air hostesses dance for 14 August in plane

 Air hostesses dance for 14 August in plane

 جہاز میں جشن آزادی سے پہلے ائیر ہوسٹس کا رقص، ویڈیو انٹر نیٹ پر وائرل

Air hostesses dance in the plane amazingly before departure. According to reports, they were dancing due to some special event. They were all very happy and came in the plane and at once started to entertain to all passengers. Firstly, some passengers got worried as what happened to them but later they also understood after seeing their movements.

Air hostesses dance for 14 August in plane

All were seeing very happy and doing wonderful dance in very little space. They were all about 3-4 who were dancing in a row. When it was asked to them as why they were dancing as they never entertained to their passengers like this before. Air hostesses tell to passengers as they have added this entertainment system in their duty as well.

Some people also told as they were celebrating their independence day in the plane as they could go home to celebrate. There were also many other rumors over this act but no one knew the reality behind this reason. All passengers were very happy to see them as they never see it before in their lives. They said they have traveled many times in this airline service but they never saw it before.

The purpose to add this segment in the airplane was only to give refreshment to their customer, management told to media. According to reports, it is one of the famous companies of India who are giving for many years in India. They say as they are going to introduce many other good changed in their services so that they can provide good atmosphere to their customers.

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