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After Muslim Death snake cover man in grave

After Muslim Death snake cover man in grave

استغفراللہ! قبر میں دفنانے سے پہلے ہی مردے پر اللہ کا عذاب، کمزور دل نہ دیکھیں

Concept of snakes in the grave is told by the religious scholars of Muslims and they tell to your students to be away from bad deeds other they can save themselves from those snakes after death. There are many religions around the world. Some of them do not have any concept of punishment after death.

After Muslim Death snake cover man in grave

However, in the religion of Islam our religious scholars tell to all the followers of Islam about the punishment of grave. It is also said as it would be proved as a garden of paradise for those ones who spent their lives according to rules of Islam.

On the other hand, this grave would be proved as big dig of hell for those ones who took all the advice just for none and did not care anything. They would live there till the Day of Judgment and after it they would again get their statistics in their left hand and would be put in hell forever according to Islam.

Talking about the given video in which some people are digging the grave and they astonished after seeing the snakes in the grave. They stopped to dig the grave as they were started to move so fast. Those snakes were taken as they were waiting for the dead bodies as we have listen from the religious scholars.

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