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African woman doesn’t want to fight video

A funny video grabbed the attention of social media users in which an Asian and African aunties are fighting and surprisingly the both are unfamiliar with each other’s language.

In the video, you can see the African woman doesn’t want to fight, but the Asian lady is continuously provoking her and exaggerating the fight as well.

A video has gone viral on social media and everyone gave his or her opinion. Some people said that the typical Asian aunties can’t change and you will observe the same behavior, whether they would be in their homeland or in abroad.

Similarly, another man commented that fighting is the best hobby of the Asian woman and they never lose the chance to fight. Asian women forget all ethics and social norms when something goes unfavorable to them. Moreover, abusing the other person is necessary for them.

Some Asian people who were living in European countries said that such kind of people are defaming Asian culture and also causing problems for others. They demanded from the respective embassies to restrict their people to follow the  ethics and social norms that are a necessary part of a progressive countries.

There is an old-age saying that the nature of a person can’t change no matter wherever you go. The saying came true in London, where an Asian Aunt was travelling in a public transport. The woman can be seen fighting with an African lady who was sitting besides her.
Watch Clip:

According to an  eyewitness, bus seat was the reason of the  dispute and the fight didn’t stop until the destination of the women couldn’t come. The Asian woman was unfamiliar to speak English, but she kept abusing her in Punjabi and Urdu language.

In the video, you can see her making faces towards the African woman. The African was sitting calmly and didn’t want to fight her, but the Asian lady kept exaggerating the fight.

She also tried to involve other passengers in the fight and asked them to convey her message to the African lady in English language.

However, no passenger heeded to the fight and found it better to not interfere in the matter. The African woman admonished her when she kept abusing her and asked her to keep her mouth shut.

A passenger recorded the whole situation and uploaded the video on the internet, where a number of people watched and shared it.

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