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Afghani Girl Dance Class Room on Farewell

Afghani Girl Dance Class Room on Farewell
 افغانی لڑکی کی کلاس روم میں ٹھرکی ڈانس پرفامنس ویڈیو دیکھیں
Trump International Hotel Towers is located at 401 North Wabash Avenue in the river north gallery near Chicago. The hotel management has taken the help of international professional architectures. Hotel management spends less on the advertising and marketing of the hotel and relies on the location of the hotel as it positions itself in the market on the basis of the hotel outlook and its designs.

Hotel management includes packages for lower middle class to executive class and besides serving its target market the hotel also try to serve the potential market. Management focus to delight its target market and attract the potential market through the market penetration strategy in which it try to serve the needs of market with economical charges and rates.

Hotel management has developed the strict rules and regulations through which it directs the workers to serve the visitors and guests with mannerisms and provide with them a helping and information desk opened twenty four hours a day. The people with less educational and weak academic background consider Trump international hotel as blessing.

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