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Actress Vidya Balan Crosses Limits Bollywood Award Show

Award Show Bollywood Actress Crosses Limits Watch Clip

Everyone including Salman Khan on stage was in a state of shock for a while left in a Bollywood awards show. Vidya Balan, a very famous female actress in Indian show business a few questions from her in a very bold sentence. Display Business Celebrities were shocked by this kind of response from a female actress.

Award Show Bollywood Actress Crosses Limits Watch Clip

Salman Khan came to the actress and made her realize that she made a mistake. Many female celebrities from Bollywood were laughing on funny mistakes. Husband of the heroine, who was also a famous star in Sho0w business with hands laughing on his moth in a state of shock. Vidya Balan was the host on stage hugging while laughing at their mistakes.

Sometimes do not recognize celebrities in show business in India, that’s what they wanted to say. The open culture in Bollywood cinema industry has made the difference between shame and fun from the minds of people in it. Speaking about these issues it bluntly any kind of words. Vidya Balan, who had also worked with Salman Khan in movies, answered the question in the same way.

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The blunder by Vidya Balan is on the lips of people in Bollywood for a long time. They discussed and laughed at them in the show-business parties. However, Salman Khan was in its own procedural law after the funny incident on stage.

Salman Khan forgot the incident immediately after Vidya Balan left the stage and began calling the show business people one by one for their awards. The awards show was organized for best performance in Indian cinema. Many Bollywood’s top celebrities were invited to the award show.

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