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Abu Dhabi Princess Amused, Dubai UAE Princess

Abu Dhabi Princess Amused, Dubai UAE Princess 

عربوں کی شہزادی کتنی عیاش پسند ہے یہ ویڈیو سب بتا دے گی ویڈیو دیکھیں
The Public in Abu Dhabi have been amused with a strange marriage ceremony last week. It was the marriage ceremony of the process marching on the streets of UAE on the motorbikes. The Bride and groom siting on the back of motorbikes become surprise for the entire Arab word as well.

Abu Dhabi Princess Amused, Dubai UAE Princess

It was the greatest wish of the princess to ride a motorbike along with her husband on her wedding. The couple made the wish in real and drove motorbikes on Abu Dhabi roads dressed in traditional wedding dress. Thousands Arab people came out of houses on the roads to see to couple on motorbikes. It was an amazing marriage ceremony for the entire Arab world.

The marriage on motorbikes has also become famous in the Arab world. Several Arab guests were invited in Abu Dhabi to become part of the historical wedding event. The marriage was celebrated all over the UAE including the royal family. The events of the royal family are always celebrated with a lot of love by the common Arab people as well.

All the Arab citizens have a special respect for the royal family in Abu Dhabi. The Royal family of UAE has the honor of most respectable family in the entire Arab World. Especially the females are given special respect by the Arab citizens in all the Gulf countries.

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