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Aamir Liaquat Reaction when Lady Sings a Song for her

Aamir Liaquat Reaction when Lady Sings a Song for her

خاتون نے عامر لیاقت کیلئے گانا گایا تو عامر لیاقت جذباتی ہوگئے ویڈیو دیکھیں

Geo Tv Ramzan Transmission 2016 by Aamir Liaquat Hussain. This is the Live Transmission of 1st Sehr Transmission of Pak Ramzan 2016 show Hosted by Amir Liaquat on Geo Tv. As usual program started with Special Naats and Dua by Amir Liaquat in 1st Sehr Amir K Sath of Pak Ramzan Transmission 2016.

Aamir Liaquat Reaction when Lady Sings a Song for her

No Doubt that after his first show Inaam Ghar now Amir Liquat brought a Beautiful Set of Pak Ramzan 2016 Show once again set a new Record in Pakistani Ramadan Shows. One of my favorite part of the show is Rah E Pak this time and take a part in Rah E Pak 1st Sehr Charity 7th June 2016 Show.

Aamir Liaquat Show Pak Ramzan 1st Sehr Trasmission on 7th June 2016 Full Show in HD Quality updated on Dailymotion and Youtube below watch and Share your views in Comment Box about this Show of Aamir Liquat on Har Pal Geo.


  1. Maaf kr do saeen is may dhoom machanay wali kya bt thee ?

  2. Maya Khan is back

    We see a lot of criticism for Aamir Liaquat on social media – and most of it is based on truth – but why is he only being targeted, there are many other shows being aired during Ramazan that are also breaking rules of decency.
    What can one say about Maya Khan’s show Ramazan Ishq Hai that she is co-hosting with adventurer and host Waqar Zaka? In an episode aired recently, the hosts made a woman wear a blindfold and made her pick things out of boxes including mice, guinea pigs, turtles, crocodiles and even a snake and try to identify them.
    This would have been a great game show but it had nothing to do with the holy month. Ramazan is a month of blessings and prayers, not of game shows in which greed is the main element and people are made to do seriously dangerous stunts to get some sort of present.
    The woman in Maya Khan’s show could have been hurt by the dangerous animals she was handling. Or the animals could have been hurt – the mouth of the crocodiles were taped. This is such a stupid thing to show on a show during the religious month.
    Maya Khan has already faced a lot of pressure when she did a morning show in which she chased dating pairs across parks. She should take care not to do anything stupid again and lose her job again.
    Best Video Ever ! Funniest Video | Waqar Zaka | Maya Khan

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