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A Pet Dog gives a great lesson of Humanity

Miraculously Thailand Pet Dog saves child life
ایک کتے نے انسانیات کو شرمندہ کر دیا
A Pet Dog gives a great lesson of Humanity and Kindness to the community by saving an infant’s life in Thailand. The animal saw a child in garbage drum and took it away to a Thai family. The dag and child story has become viral over the internet.


The Pet dog has considered being the biggest problem in Thailand these days. Because of these wandering dogs, many difficulties are faced by the people living in the urban area. They cannot keep their door open because of the fear of a street animal walking into their house anytime.

Recently the municipality in the bigger cities of Thailand had started a cleanup campaign against any animal which was not owned by anyone. They tried to capture almost every street dog wandering in any community and send it to dog centers. It was best possible way to bring these animals into a proper use. Several dogs and other animals were captured from different areas.

A Pet dog can be proved as good as any other pet animal in any society. If these dogs are given a proper training for some time and then given to someone who needs pet, they can be converted into useful part of the society. However, people in Thailand have not given any importance to these animals.

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