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13 Family Members Lives 4 Feet House in Width

13 Family Members Lives 4 Feet House in Width

The Parish of Saint Paul, some 15 miles south-west of Faisalabad in Pakistan, conveys an atmosphere of peace. Students have painted the outside enclosure wall, within which stand a church, a presbytery and school, with colorful images of a peaceful world. One of these depicts a lamb, snuggling up trustingly against a lion. The priest has planted fruit trees, and inside the inner courtyard canaries twitter and pigeons coo, while the children play football.

This parish, which was established only in February 2010, serves 30 different villages, and the parish priest, Father Emmanuel Parvez, certainly has his hands full. “In many villages, the people do know that they are Catholics, but they have never seen a priest before,” he writes. “The catechists are a great help to me. They go into the villages, invite the people to pray and come to Holy Mass, visit the sick and prepare the faithful for the reception of the Sacraments. But we urgently need to have a second priest here.”

This is one of the reasons why ACN has already helped for the construction of a new presbytery, since the old one only had one room which served the priest as bedroom, dining room, sitting room and workroom combined, and which was already too small, even for one priest.

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